Yuria of Ailurus

Once only a familiar, the life of the witch's subordinate was changed forever when she was mysteriously transformed into a human-animal hybrid as a result of magic gone awry. Now alone with little to her name and no answers in sight, she opted to adjust herself to her new life the only way she knew how: by helping out those around her, both in exchange for a roof over her head and in hopes that her kindness would be one day be repaid and she would discover more about her true identity, but for now, that, too, remains a mystery, much like the mystical crest on her chest...

Selfless almost to a fault, her altruistic disposition occasionally comes back to haunt her, leaving her at times overwhelmed with her new body, emotions, and surroundings, but her determination makes her a tough contender and valuable ally. While she can be a bit harsh and rough around the edges, her intentions are pure and her potential unwavering. She is driven by an innate desire to become stronger and succeed, and will fight for her cause with her allies by her side.

Yuria of Ailurus full body image.


Debut Date

March 13, 2021


Red Panda

Birthdate / Age

September 18 / ???


5'0" / 153 cm

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